Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ipoh Mali

After our tiring trip to Kellie's Castle , we went to Ipoh to have our lunch at me, it was very very exhausting..we decided go to Ipoh to have Taugeh Ayam :D :D..but we lost!! Non of us knew the way to the we stopped at Ipoh Railway Station for a while until Gayathri a.k.a Colgate Ambassador to call her friend to find out about the way to the shop..while they were doing that, I was taking some snaps...

Have you ever wonder how Ipoh got it's name? Last time, I asked my fren, he said, long long time ago, one British fellow was eating lunch for the first time in Ipoh and when he was eating it , one big housefly was flying around him ,,he got so annoyed,so he asked his butler ( an indian ) to chase away the big monster housefly.. first he tried to sing a song from MGR movie , but didnt work, then he screamed at the housefly Eeee ( which means Housefly in Tamil ) ,,Pohhh ( Go away)..and he was kept on saying it Eee Pohhh ,,,Eee Pohh ,,Eee Pohh,,until the housefly flew away..the British man was so impressed with his butler and he screamed loudly " This is Ipohh!!!"...............I believed this story for 30 years...until I saw this tree

it's called Ipoh tree, they named the town by this tree!!! what the hell...what about the story my fren told me??????


Malar said...

Haha... nice Eee Pohh story, baby ;)

Mohan^ said...

Malar :- Thanks baby :D