Sunday, March 01, 2009

Penang Waterfall Temple | Part 2

I am back from Cameron was awesome ..will blog about the trip soon ,,

Let's continue from my previous post...So, after the prayers we took this family snap when we were going down

On the way down , you can see lots of statues Tamil and Hindu related statues . The above photo contains status of Auvaiyar..

Statue of Munivar

Statue of lady :\

Nandri,,Vanakkam . have a nice day


Steve said...

The statues looks nice...

Mohan^ said...

Steve:- Yea, actually got a lot la,,I only managed to snap few :D

tulipspeaks said...

we went to the temple when we came to penang last year. but it was night edi la. tak nampak all the statues :P


Mohan^ said...

Ammu :- oic oic,next time la,the statues won't run keke