Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Top of Maxwell Hill

After 1 hour of land rover ride, we reached the top of Maxwell Hill. It was not as cold as I thought, but it was windy :-)

Viji akka was busy talking on the phone , maybe she was talking about shifting to the top permenantly from Penang.

These 'botak' twin trees really attracted me alot

View of Taiping from the hill

Me and Malar's suicide pose keke

The great Mohan

oh yes, they have mini strawberry farm :D..more updates tomorrow ..have a beautiful day :)


tulipspeaks said...

vacation na porange yaaro..


Mohan^ said...

hahha,, ama ..Kokkrako Kummango

deepak said...

maccha superb photo with the cactus jo!!

Mohan^ said...

Deepak, i tried to give the hidden message to the world ,,the indian power haha