Sunday, March 08, 2009

IT Photography Dinner | Part 2

Lets' continue,before the event ,during the event and after the even, most of the employees busy taking photos outside of the hall.

The stage

The awards for the night

Ice breaking event..really an impressive performance from this group.I saw them first at the hotel's car park before the event started; I thought they were going to steal a car wakakakka.

We played some games , I look very serious right in the photo, but trust me I was so blur and don't know what really was happening keke,yea la,so hungry, they asked us to play game, how to play?

Finally, food oh yes,,food,,i ate ostrich for the first time that night , really an awesome dinner :D


Steve said...

Keep on update this kind of stuff bro..It's really interesting.I like it.

Mohan^ said...

Steve:- Sure bro will do :D