Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kellie's Castle | Part 1

After we paid our last respect ( by taking lots of pictures ) to the warriors , we went to Kellie's Castle in Ipoh. No one has been there except for Prasath. He guided us the way to the castle .

The entrance fee for Kellie's Castle is RM 4.

This tree is called Bear Face Tree. See properly,can see a bear's face. But we guys noticed that it looked like girl's *toot*..anyone agree?

Did you know that was used as a setting in the 1999 film Anna and the King....

Prayer's room

Rumours are saying that William Kellie Smith's spirit has been wandering around in this alley. Too bad, did not manage to 'meet' him that day.


Steven said...

The photos really nice...RM 4 entrance fee is reasonable.

Mohan^ said...

Steven :- Thanks man..yea it is reasonable belilah buatan Malaysua