Friday, March 06, 2009

IT Photography Dinner | Part 1

Last December,my department organized an annual dinner based on theme called Photography Dinner. How it works?,..well the employees need to submit photos in different categories , and their photos would be judged and the winners would be announced in the dinner . The event was held at E&O hotel , Penang .Overall the dinner was ok..I prefer my last year's department dinner which I think is the best so far. Here are the snaps

Me and Malar arrived very early for the event, so we had time and killed it with takings pictures outside of the hotel.

Mohgan and Mohgan :D

Mama jamma Puma yahooooooooooooo!!

Registration was going on inside the lobby, some early birds got door gifts

The submitted photos were shown in the lobby for other employee's viewing. I stole one photo from the list ..ssshhh don't tell anyone.

Part 2 about the dinner is tomorrow :D.. Have a beautiful day


Steve said...

Haha...mama jamma puma.Settai bro.:D

Mohan^ said...

keke, biasala keke