Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fallout 3

I am back after 3 days of ITIL foundation training. It was challenging but managed to answer all the questions hehe,,let's hope for the best :))

I finished Red Alert 3 , 2 weeks go.,,.RA2 still better than RA3..So, I bought Fallout 3 and started to play it last week. I must say it's good, but scary to play at night hhehe,,here is the review from IGN

9.5 Presentation

The atmosphere and style are everything you could ask for and more. A few bugs and camera issues keep things from perfection.

9.0 Graphics

The landscapes are wonderful. The character models and animations could be a lot better.

9.5 Sound

Excellent voice acting and a soundtrack that completely fits the game's mood. The sound effects aren't bad either.

10 Gameplay

A rare combination of excellent combat and deep role-playing.

9.5 Lasting Appeal

A more focused experience than much of what Bethesda has created in the past that begs to be played for hours and hours. This is one game you won't soon forget.


rayner said...

You "bought" Fallout 3! Lolz...:D

Mohan^ said...

rayner :- Cannot say the real thing here la, I may get sue from the gaming company hehehe

Neo said...

Trust me, I haven't even tried RA3. Haha... I feel like I am old.

Mohan^ said...

Neo :- Try la,,it's good :D ,,can get addicted one hehe

Anonymous said...

RA3 expansion out d..u no go buy??

Mohan^ said...

Anonymous:- After Fallout 3 , I will get the expansion pack :D