Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mala's Birthday

Last week I went to KL to celebrate Purple Lotus' birthday. The theme was purple, so I bought purple T-shirt for the first time in my life hehe..

I met the gang in Lake Garden , KL. Mala took all of us back to our childhood when she requested us to draw using water colours..huhuhu..I drew something which I think is better the Da Vinci's Monalisa.

The paintings

This was Mala's birthday cake

This photo reminds me of Kushi movie...

The Purpilians..for dinner we went to Annalaxmi in Brickfields. We had vegetarian food plus got a chance to contribute for charity. Million thanks to Mala who thought about this idea.

Mala with the legend Sundra

Me holding my masterpiece,, look at it properly got codes to break,,Da Mohan's Code

Mala is holding gift from Rames.I thought this is one of the best birthday gift I have ever seen. It's simple, elegant and so meaningful ( to her) :P

It was one of the beautiful night I have ever had with this gang. Hope to hang out with you guys more ...Happy Be-Be-Be lated Birthday Mala


malar said...

Thank you so much bro
now this is what i call as
one of the most meaningful & full with memories posting
thanks once again
to encapsulate those wonderful moments with you all
indeed,life is beautiful
thru arts,love & charity;)
ermm yep wit purple too,lol!

Mohan^ said...

Malar :- Thanks sis, you deserve it :D

Anonymous said...

malar u saying this coz its ur birthday rite?..this mala girl reminds me of one thalle from farlimlar..ALL FARLIM AVENGEH KAIKULLE..nw missing in action!!..

neways people becareful of this mohan he turns into an animal when it comes to food..becareful

Mohan^ said...

Sujend :- I know it's you,..actually Mala working in KL coz she wanted to escape from you in Penang, but so bad, you are in KL too ish ish,,Mala if you happen to see Sujend in KL,,call Zoo Negara Malaysia immediately