Monday, April 13, 2009

Me, myself and my colleagues

Last week, my manager organized a small game in our weekly team meeting. The intention of the game was to find out about what the team members think about each other.

This is how to play the game.Give a blank paper to the team members. Stick the papers at the back of everyone . Then, take turn and request your team members to close their eyes or ask them to sleep for a while . This is the time where you can write about them on their papers :D ..simple right? Well I don't mind sharing here about what my colleagues thought/think about me :-

Responsible :- Personally I think I am responsible , worst case scenario I will believe that I am being responsible ...why? coz man become what he thinks

Stone :- One of my co worker think that I always look Stone a.k.a BLUR. Well I have to
agree with him/her, coz normally I look blur due to lack sleep or too much
Guinness Stout.

So Far So
Good :- I am right on track :D

Stressed :- A wise man once said that 'Brain cells create ideas. Stress kills brain
cells. Stress is not a good idea '. When I was a chain smoker, I was good at
handling stress. Since I am no longer a chain smoker, I use music to handle my
stress :D

freak :- This is well known fact. I am proud supporter of the BEST CLUB in the world,
Manchester United heheheh

Don't go
2 Thailand :- I am not surprised with this comment and I clearly know who wrote this
,,hahah,coz this person thinks that I am super duper flirter..

well, it was one of beautiful moments in my life when I got a chance to find out about what my colleagues think about me ( even if the opinions were not genuine) . Look at the bright side , at least one person think I am being responsible haha,

Btw, Happy Tamil New Year

Advice for new year? Trust yourself, don't care what people says and respect your parents


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"Trust yourself, don't care what people says and respect your parents"

> nice, sundra likes!! <

Mohan^ said...

wheatgerm-->thx for the WOW

Sundra :- Yes, periyavange sonnna perumal sonnna maathiri :d