Thursday, April 23, 2009

Robinson Falls

This was our last stop in Cameron Highlands before we head back home. We heard by local that there is a big water falls in Tanah Rata called Robinson Falls. So, we decided to go there . We lost for a while in the middle of finding the waterfall, but finally we found the place.

See the effect of global warming,,,even the metal can crumple..:D

In the middle of the jungle, we noticed this sign board beside a house which sells blackberry jam..

I am a footballer la,,so I could tahan a bit when I had to do jungle tracking for few KM..but my frenz,,,ish,,pity to see them haha..:P

Look at this mini waterfall,,,,we just looked at it and passed by the waterfall since it's very small,..then we continued our journey inside the jungle hope to find the real waterfall..buttt we did not find anything Malays always say " Satu Habuk Tara!!"..we were disappointed as we walked nearly 4 KMs and didn't find the waterfall. That night, I searched on internet about Robinson Waterfall over here...and to my surprise that picture you are seeing above IS THE ROBINSON WATERFALL!!..hihihi,...I haven't told my frenz yet about this Columbus Discovery,,,can't wait to see their face reaction huhuhu,,that's my Cameron Highland trip's experience,,I will definitely go there again!! have a nice day


venus66 said...

Hi, how are you?
Beautiful sceneries.

Mohan^ said...

Hey there, I am doing good!! how about u?

Thanks for dropping by

venus66 said...

Hi, m doing good too. Take care.