Monday, April 27, 2009

Phuspa's Wedding

Last month, I went to one of my colleague, Phuspa's wedding dinner. The wedding was held at Pearl Hotel, Penang. I was really impressed with the hall's decoration. Everything was in purple!! Just look the pictures haha,,I really wish my friend Mala could have attended this wedding as she likes purple alot!!

The photos were taken from with the permission from my colleague Phuspa, so later she cannot sue me la,,behahah,,I hope you have enjoyed the photos..have a nice day


malar said...

lovely PURPLE wedding :)
hope i can do one too for my wedding
if got ler =P

tulipspeaks said...

ninaichen mala would hv commented..



Mohan^ said...

Malar :- Surely your wedding well be ON la,,haha

Ammu :- Purple = Mala keke