Friday, April 17, 2009

Strawberry Farm

We were a bit tired from our Boh Hill hiking. But , Desmond was bugging us to go to any Strawberry Farm in Cameron Highlands. Since Jaya has been to CH twice, he tooks us to one of the best strawberry farm in Cameron Highlands. Some snaps from there :-

Jaya & Desmond

In the farm, there are lots of hydroponic vegetables. There don't put it for display :P , so we can buy the vegetables in a very low price

Hydroponic Strawberries

In this shop you can find all kind of products made from strawberries...such as soap,candle, candy, jam, syrup , toothpaste etc

I know it look messy , and that bcoz it was taste heavenly good!!! it's strawberry pie and it was,,,omg,,no word to describe it

yummy..the strawberries can make your beautiful :D eat lot of strawberries hahah,, have a nice day

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