Saturday, April 18, 2009

Priyasha's Birthday

Yesterday, I went to watch Fast and Furious 4, it was a good movie. The only drawback was , the movie damn short la,,1.5 hours rating.. 8/10...I still think 2 Fast n 2 Furious is the best :)

After just one week of Arunesh's birthday, I received another invitation from one of my best friend daughter's 1st year old birthday celebration. It was held at Summit Hotel, BM. Here are the snaps :-

Really impressed with the hall's decoration

The birthday cake :)

The birthday baby,,Priyshah Lakshmi

Priyashah with her parents :D

The entrance of the baby inside the hall was celebrated with confetti

Were you looking for me in the photo? Here I am,,,in my favorite section in the hall hehehhe

After the dinner, to digest the food people suddenly started to dance..:D

I am sure, the baby was so blur and could not understand what was going around her that night, but when the baby grows up , one day she will appreciate how her parents celebrated her birthday, coz trust me,,it was a damn good birthday celebration,,i was there,,:D

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