Monday, April 20, 2009

Is Bowl Rice

Two weeks ago, me and Malar went out for Ayan movie in Sunway Carnival, Seberang Perai. After the movie we went to Is Bowl Rice to have some food. Why we went there? coz when we were going down to ground floor using escalator, we noticed at the end of the escalator point, one girl was holding a big menu of Is Bowl Rice . She had a very pity emotion on her face, we looked at her for a while, then we realized that we were entering into Is Bowl Rice. I think she used her telepathic power to attract us to that restaurant.

Malar with menu

Look at the name Oh Lala, reminds me of this song.

Now this is the fun part, we waited 40 minutes for our food. If there were lots of customer in the restaurant , we would have understood, but there were not!! While we we waiting, I told Malar that lets go for another movie while our food arrive..!!!.. we did not see a single waiter walking around . So we had no choice then approached one old aunty in the counter . She said sorry and our food arrived immediately.

Teriyaki Salmon

The fun part continues,,the waiter served us with the main item we ordered together with dessert!! I told the waiter to bring it after our main meal if not later we have to DRINK our ice cream .

Loved this dessert!! but forgot the name hehe

The food was so so and their customer service made the whole experience even worse!! My rating is 5/10

I am not complaining too much here, but I just wish they could have served us better because the meal cost us more than RM is beautiful when you don't go to Is Bowl Rice :D


Anonymous said...

itulah..sesal dahulu pendapatan..sesal kemudian tiada gunanyaa!!..big menu've kamichi..asai kathi mosam pannitangaleh!! :P

Mohan^ said...

Anonymous :- Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian ada gunanya , kerana anda pelajar pengetahuan :P