Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bagan Ajam R&R | Part 1

Last week, me and Malar went to service my car. It was 40,000 Km service and I knew it's going to take at least 4 hours . So, I requested Malar to bring her car so that we could go to Bagan Ajam R&R. What's so special about the place? ok..I will tell you in 2 parts hehe

The R&R is located just 10 minutes drive from Butterworth Jetty

We went on Wednesday morning, but there were only 2 people enjoying their breakfast. Most of the shops were closed. I heard the place is crowded at night.

I ate this chicken pau, so so only,,My all time favourite pau is Cia-Su Pau.

Malar was so jealous when she was taking this photo haha

I was enjoying this tea while looking at nice sea view..what? Sea view R&R? yes yes,,will update about it tomorrow,,have a nice day


raaja said...

i noe this place :)nice place for makan angin at evening... :)

Mohan^ said...

Raaja:- Yea bro

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kavitha said...

searchin recipe for pau and end up here with your pau story..intresting blog..av a nice day..

Anonymous said...

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