Sunday, May 10, 2009

My HP Printer Story

I had one Hp printer last year. But just after 1 year of guarantee period, it spoiled. So, my sister bought a new printer, and guess what,the same brand!! HP..this time the vendor said, they have fixed few flaws in the hardware and somehow the salesman convinced my sister to get this printer. But as if like Nostradamus predicted , the printer completely went offline in a couple of weeks after the purchase .

So , I called the customer service department and they said that it could be the power adapter.

In 3 days they sent me a new power adapter. But , same thing, I could not power up the printer. On other hand, my sister was hunting for birds' feather to write something using ink!!

I called the customer service department again and managed to convince them to send a brand new unit. I received this new unit in 2 days.

The new unit works ( of course coz it's new!! ) haha,,the best part was to get all these replacement units I did not go to the vendor shop which is located 40 Km away from my home..!!Thanks HP :)


Steve said...

Bro did you think HP printer is better than Canon...?What model of printer this one...?

Mohan^ said...

Steve, I think Canon is better than HP..but i forgot my HP printer model hahahaha