Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Vimala's Birthday 09

Last week, we celebrated one of our colleague Vimala's birthday at Apex Coffee, Bayan Avenue, Penang. ( next to Queensbay Mall )

We chose this location after reading the review about it here.

This is Rose tea, even though it may sound girlish, but my guy friend drank this tea :P

Dragon Fruit Juice,,,,highly NOT recommended

I ate this, Thai Fried rice,it was good,,,really really good ..must try if you go there

Chit chatting,,,

I realised that I still had some area in my stomach, so I ordered this Mango Pudding,,how was it? 10/10

After heavy meal, I suddenly felt sleepy and had minor headache, it was 10.30pm only but I realized that I must stay awake until 12.30pm to watch Man United game against Spurs!! So, I ordered Apex White Coffee...the first sip made think I was really in Old Trafford at one moment,,coz damn good!!.,,it's another MUST HAVE item when you go there

Finally ..enjoy the cake cutting ceremony from Vim hehe


Steve said...

I knew Dragon Fruit Juice always sucks but Rose Tea sounds & looks really sucks...The Thai fried rice,mango pudding & white coffee looks eye appeal.Actually who owned the Apex Coffee is it Chinese or Thai fellows...?

Mohan^ said...

steve :-The food was good man,,haha,,i really dont know who is the owner..wish I knew coz I could say something good to him hhaha