Sunday, May 03, 2009

5pm to 6pm

It was my regular dinner break time at work from 5pm to 6pm. I went with Malar to Queensbay.Within this 1 hour, I did few interesting things, check out below

5.15pm - The next day was my first sister's birthday. I did not know what to buy. But Malar suggested me to buy ear rings for her. We went to this shop where you can get all girl's makeup & their accessories stuff..and Malar selected this ear ring for her. Beautiful rite?

5.30pm :- We went to Queensbay's food court to get food. Malar bought Apom Balik and I bought this drink, ginseng chrysanthemum tea. I was surprised to see ginseng's root inside the tea. The drink cost me Rm 2.50 ,which I think was pretty cheap as it has gingseng root inside the drink. Now about the didn't taste good but knowing the fact about it's health benefits I kept quiet and just drank it

5.40pm :- After 10 minutes, I suddenly felt hungry. I ordered this super delicious vegetarian meal .

5.45pm :- I always enjoy to see my gf when she is eating, so I enjoyed every moment of her bite hahah

5.50 pm :- As we were on the way back to our car, we noticed a long queue for Sushi King's RM 2 promotion . We are not a big Japanese food though .

6.10pm :- We reached at office and we were 10 minutes late haha,


Steve said...

Brief explanation of 1 hour program,good one.Lol

Mohan^ said...

Steve :- without commercial u knw haha