Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bandar Sunway Old Town White Coffee

Yesterday I got this new digital camera , Sony T90 . It has all the basic functions which I need. You can read more about the camera over here.

A couple of weeks ago, me and Malar went to Bandar Sunway Old Town White Coffee to have lunch.Since I have been Old Town in other branches before , I wanted to go there and eat the famous Nasi Lemak.

Then we noticed this new promotion's pamphlet on every table ...Hainanese Chicken Chop+Rice+Fresh Lemon Tea = RM 9.80,,not bad eh

The Wonderful Ice Lemon Tea

Hainanese Chicken Chop,,,it was damn good!! Must try !!

The location below :-

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tulipspeaks said...

i was wondering y u came all the way to makan in sunway. then when i see the location map.. speechless! penang also got one sunway??

Mohan^ said...

oh that's bcoz,,i am staying in mainland..Bandar Sunway is nearer for me

Anonymous said...

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