Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Breakfast @ Apex Coffee

Since I tasted the food at Apex Coffee for the first time, I decided to bring Malar to have breakfast at the restaurant.

At 10 am, we did not see many customers

Malar really liked that white coffee

Apex White Coffee,,it's one of my best coffee I have ever tasted,,must try this if you go there

Breakfast set for Malar :- Red beans+ ham+Egg+toast bread+vegetables

This was mine,,Omelet with sausage+ red beans+toast bread+vegetables

The price? Rm 13.25 for both of us,,,I know it's pricey for a breakfast,,but once in a while should be ok :D :D

Where is it located? Look below :-

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Steve said...

It's really worth to spend money for our stomach... :D

raaja said...

RM13 consider dam cheap la bro...

Mohan^ said...

Steve :- Yes I agree

Raaja :- for a breakfast ? haha