Monday, January 19, 2009

45 days Ambipur

I use Ambipur perfume for my car. Normally I buy After Tobacco because it's very strong and you still have the smell even the container has gone empty. But,last month I tried a new type of Ambi Pur which they claim on the box that it can last up to 45 days. The normal Ambipur perfume , can last for 30 days only. So , I just bought it to give a try.

From what I have seen it, they only have fresh and floral smell.

This perfume really lasted for 45 days as they stated on the box. Even if I sit inside my car after soccer or futsal session, others could not smell my sweat ( hahah, I am sure no wants to smell sweat ). The price is same as normal Ambipur types but can last longer. Give it a try. Have a nice day


vickn3s said...

bro, since when u became ambipur's ambassador la?hehehe

Mohan^ said...

haha,,just a fan of it :P