Thursday, January 29, 2009

Giant Curry Puff

Last week, my office mates were talking about Giant Karipap . I was so happy coz if there was a giant in town, I could see Ultraman live in action. I thought the Giant's name was Karipap.

I was blur la, then I asked my other frenz and then I found out that it's actually Curry Puff. The size was as big as palm..It was one of the new item my cafeteria 'introduced' this year. So I just bought Giant Curry Puff ( Karipap Gergasi ) to give a try . The price :- Rm 1.50 only!

The taste was so so only . I thought inside got a live chicken , coz it's so huge, but see see inside got normal sweet potato. You want some? Order from me hahah :P


Steve said...

Bro how many people required to eat the whole curry puff...LoL..???

venus66 said...

A good one.:)

Mohan^ said...

Steve : Just one person la hahah,

Venus66 :- thanks :)