Monday, January 05, 2009

Sisters @ Sunset Bistro

My favorite place to hang out in Batu Ferringhi is Sunset Bistro. I had countless alcoholic nights over there. But I never been there during daytime. Last month, I took my sisters to the bistro for lunch.

My eldest sister, Selvi was going through the menu

My youngest sister, Aruna was enjoying the hot,windy and hungry afternoon

That's me with my second sister, Saras, she was so blur and was prepared to eat anything taste good

Finally, we decided to eat Ice cream . Each of us ordered one of this, and it was good!

This is my niece, Thiruvarasi. She does not go out like this regulary.You can see it from this photo that she was so happy that day.

After our mini-lunch, we had a walk on the beach side . It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon. :)


Steve said...

I planned to visit Penang very soon.Maybe in a couple of weeks if possible..Let's hope can visit this kinda of places with friends..

Mohan^ said...

Oh ok, dont worry mate,,you will love Penang :D

Anonymous said...

Hi, you should try the Paulaner premium wheat beer at this Bistro one day, it's really nice :)

Mohan^ said...

I have tried Paulaner before,,as you said,,it's really NICE