Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So I’m sitting in the home office, doing some work and I think to myself - “this place needs some music”. I have tried with Yahoo Music LaunchCast, Pandora and Last.Fm. But non of them really suited me. But thanks to , now I can't wait go back to office and work again ( Ok, I just made that up ..:P)

Here’s the deal, allows users to sign-up for an account for free. Free accounts in the beginning were only limited by # of skips a user had to cycle through music. Now Free accounts also get to listen to crappy commercials between songs. It doesn’t happen often, every 25 or so songs, but it’s still a bummer. You can create your own station and with every account Free or Paid, you’re able to ban artists, mark favorites, adjust settings like artist discovery or “just hits”, giving every user lots of control over their station. Benefits:

  • Lots of control over music

  • Free & Paid subscriptions
  • You’re not purchasing music, you’re selecting music preferences Drawbacks:

  • Free service limits, advertising

  • No software player for Mac
So , what are you waiting for? give it a try ;)


Steve said...

Wow cool bro...Thanks for the link. Time to give a try.

Mohan^ said...

Steve-->Sure, enjoy the music man ;)

splendid said...

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