Sunday, January 11, 2009

Dinner @ Tao

It was one of our group dinner. We wanted to try something different , strictly no western food, no nasi kandar or banana leave .After a bit of friendly argument, we went to Tao , E-Gate , Penang. Since it's halal, Kharini, our manager also joined us.

That's Denise & Viji. Denise is a food lover, she knows 99.9% of penang stalls, hawker and fine dining places in Penang. She just love to eat eat eat. So, she made the ordering for us. I was so blur looking at the menu, some of the menus' name similar to Japanese made motorcycles .

Rini & Mei Chyi, this dinner was Mei Chyi's last dinner with us as she joined another group within Intel

Look at the Dillion, he was scratching his forehead after he saw me holding the chopstick the wrong way.

Anyone can help me with this one? I forgot the name :P

All finished,,.berppppp..

I tired Eal, Sushi, Sake and other unknown Japanese foods for the first time. Since it's buffet type,I was just kept ordering grilled salmon hahah... Will I go again ? Hmm,,I dont think so..But if you are a Japanese food lover, you should go now as they are doing some promotion now.


funkymunky said...

Denise, never misses the Japanese buffetla. I still remember we all went once, when I was still there. Honestly la, cannot beat her when it comes to makan!!!!!!

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