Friday, January 09, 2009

Nilesh Birthday 08 @ TGIF

We celebrated Nilesh's birthday party at TGIF last year. I felt like we just celebrated his last birthday, times flies so fast. It was my second visit to TGIF, but the food was not good as I had in my first trip.

It's time to order !

Emma with my magic drink ,,,Stout!

Malar and Me

I love this photo,,,look at the baby's expression!!

Birthday boy enjoying his food

Cajun-Fried Chicken Salad


I love this snap also,,blur looking Vicky hahah


Vicky d great said...

I must say, your blog's are interesting...thanks for the memories and not forgetting the great comments...inspires one to blog too...

Mohan^ said...

Vicky d great--> thank you bro,,you should blog too .. I am sure you can be a good blogger

googler said...

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