Monday, January 12, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Watched this movie today. Watch this  film with an open minded because you are going to experince with an over flooded one as it is. The story carries so many twists and heart wrenching scenes that the viewer cannot help but become completely engrossed in the film. The main theme in the film is not death, forgiveness or love, but rather life. Life as whole. Every little detail, every experience we have is our life. What we witness is an almost complete documentation of Benjamin's life. One thing that the film did quite splendidly was when Benjamin stated in his narration that a certain person affected his life quite greatly. When the scenes with that person would initiate, the film's pacing would slow down and pay closer attention to his relationship with the person and the changes they caused in his life. A beautiful portrayal of the finer moments in life.


Steve said...

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Mohan^ said...

Steve-->Thank you for the movie recommendation!,,it's worth it man,,I will check out the site, thanks

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