Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kafe Sin Hai Beng

Today for lunch, I went to a chinese sea food restaurant called Ka Sin Hai Beng in Batu Maung. Want to know the exact location? Simple, take Bayan Lepas diversion from Penang bridge and just go straight, you will pass by few companies, like Seagate, Agilent and Motorola. After DHL, there is a traffic light, turn left and you can see this restaurant on your right.

Typical chinese sea food restaurant

Look at this, they recycled used can as a tissue holder,not bad eh

Normally if you order anything in a chinese restaurant, first they put this nice looking chili paste on your table

My drink,,Lemon Ice in Carlsberg mug,,wuah,,

If you go to this shop, you must taste this, it's called Sambal Chicken Rice, it's heavenlyyyyyyyyy gooddddddd!!

Today I ordered extra item, fried egg with oysters, yummy!

The only drawback of this restaurant is the hygine. It's so so only la..but the food damn good, if you happen to be in Batu Maung, Penang , try ok? Have a nice day!


G said...

the fried rice there is good!very oily though... but then again that makes it good lah...

oh and you should try the hai ko... mantis prawns.... mmm mmmm..

Mohan^ said...

G --> The fried rice is oily , tried few times,,but tasty la,,can't help it hahah,,will try mantis prawn one day :D

Anonymous said...

oh my, was looking for this restaurant to recommend a friend, and your post came up :) say hi to malar for me pls!