Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Justin's Wedding

Early of this month , one of my ex schoolmate , Justin ,got married. I was so happy to see some of my other ex schoolmates after so long.Some did talk to me, and some others, were just eating non stop only , so I could not talk to them. Here are the snaps:-


The wedding car. I love the dolls!

The hall was well decorated with simple and elegant design.

Me & Romould

We were gossiping about other ex schoolmates a lot. It was fun .

Vasi, Me ,Desmond and the great Sugesh

SMMNT 97 with the couples

If any of your old frenz or ex schoolmates invite you for their wedding, just go. Why? You can nicely eat and you can gossip a lot about your ex schoolmates.ehe,,have a nice day


Steve said...

Yeah bro today I log to your blog as usual.Suddenly, a group of my friends sit in front of my laptop bcoz they impressed with "Justin's wedding photo".Nice photography bro.Keep it up.

Mohan^ said...

Steve-->thanks bro,

splendid said...

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