Thursday, January 08, 2009

Retro :- Maha's Wedding 2005

I went to my friend , Vijay's house a couple of days ago. He was showing his photo collection in his pc, then I noticed one album named Maha's Wedding, ..immediately I copied the album. I am going to share with you all some of the shots from the album. Me and my frenz went to one of our close friend Maha's wedding back in 2005. I was damn thin and looking at some of the photos of my frenz back in 2005,,hahaha,,funny funny

That was our bachelor room , it was messy. We did our frenz bachelor night over there.

For the first time in my life, I got a chance to decorate wedding couple's 'first night' room hahah,,

It was very simple to decorate the room. Anything we saw colorful , we grabbed it and hung it around the bed. BTW, who cares about the decoration in 'first night ' room ?

2005 version

2009 version..lots of different rite?

So good to get back these pictures, and I am going to backup them in online drive. Looking at these pictures bring back old memories and mixed feelings within me. When was the last time you roll back time and looked at your old pictures? Go and see them, some old photos can even make you realize few things in your life. Have a nice day :)


Steve said...

What bro "autograph" huh..?LoL

Mohan^ said...

Steve-->hahaha,,kind of man,,nyapagam varuthey nyapagam varuthey

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