Friday, January 02, 2009

Pulau Aman Jetty

Me, Jaya and Desmond decided to go somewhere on the first day of new year. I decided to take them to Pulau Aman Jetty which is located just 30 minutes drive from our hometown. None of us knew about the existence of the place until my sisters told me about the place.

We got shocked to see the sign board. Then we found out that there is a granite quarry near the jetty.

That's the entrance of the quarry

Can see the number right? it's 04-250 5500. You can call them to find out about more information about staying in Pulau Aman.

That's the jetty,very small but it's still a jetty :P

The jetty is just a place to chill . But after I saw some of the photos of Pulau Aman , over here , I want to explore Pulau Aman one day.


Steve said...

I have been visit your blog for past couple of weeks.Hmm...can say the contents are catchy.Keep up the good job bro.

Mohan^ said...

Steve-->Thanks for the comment. Stay tune for more update hahah

Steve said...

Of course bro..LoL